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Missing Laci

I’m so happy to see a blog like this exists, where all of Laci’s supporters can share our thoughts.

Laci’s changed my view on so much, and all her posts and videos have made me feel at home in my own body, not to mention educating me on topics I knew nothing about.

Hoping she’s safe at home and enjoying a quiet break. <3

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My favorite Laci Green video: You Can’t POP Your Cherry! (HYMEN 101)

This was the first Laci Green video I ever watched and it changed my world. I never knew this about my own vagina. I had been completely brainwashed by the violent patriarchal language of society and was so afraid of sex and my own body. It made me so angry that in all the sex ed I’ve had, no one ever explained that I wasn’t going to be stabbed and broken by a big bad penis the first time I had intercourse. Laci opened the door to my real sexual education with this video. Enjoy! Love and learn. 

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The Definition of a Lady

lady [lay-dee] noun, plural LADIES

1. a person who loves their sexuality and seeks all available knowledge on the subject, especially through Laci Green {nota bene: not restricted to the female sex}

2. a woman of superior mental position in regards to her sexual education {nb: pronouns are social constructs of language and should be used interchangeably with the reader’s pronoun of preference}

3. a person who is educated, strong, and thinks critically about all matters, including but not limited to love and sexuality.

4. adj. Sometimes offensive when threatened or approached by limited mindsets. YOU CANNOT KILL OUR VOICES.

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